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  • pazzio****** posted at 7/17/2023
    Please list hours on here
  • willia****** posted at 3/15/2023
    China Spring has fresh and delicious Authentic Chinese food. From the soups to the combination platters, I have always been pleased with the quality and quantity of each dish and the excellent customer service.
  • bark***** posted at 1/20/2023
    Your food has got 10 times better. Just thought I would share that.
  • agab**** posted at 1/17/2023
    Hey. This is random. But I'd this place still ran by two sisters, Lisa and Fanny(I'm sorry I never knew how you spelled that..). I actually drove delivery for you guys in like 2003. I'm glad to see you're still doing well. 
    PS: I miss your general tso's so bad ??
  • zlasca****** posted at 11/1/2022
    Bring $10 change
  • ruthcor******** posted at 6/1/2022
    If you have tartar sauce please add.
  • tb61**** posted at 5/21/2022
    Cash tip
  • mrsrhon******** posted at 5/11/2022
    I've been ordering from China Spring for something like six years.  I've always had a WONDERFUL experience with the service, the food, the delivery, and the price is reasonable.  There are about four or five Chinese restaurants that are closer (not counting Panda), but I go there because they always meet my expectations.  Thank you China Spring for being a consistent go-to.  :)
  • kenneth******* posted at 4/14/2022
    This is the last time I order food from China Spring!! At an hour after ordering, I called the restaurant and they didn't know if I had an order or not. She kept saying "I'll have my manager call you back. I told her numerous times to cancel my order. She didn't get it!! I'll never order anything from China Spring again!!
  • roy*** posted at 4/6/2022
    If i'm ever in Tenessee I'll drop in.
  • roy*** posted at 4/6/2022
    Food looks Dilicious are yu comin to Canada anytime soon
  • cher***** posted at 2/13/2022
    Everything was so fresh and delicious
  • marable******* posted at 1/19/2022
    M169 not 168
  • nicolemb********* posted at 11/6/2021
    Placed an order at 6:10pm and still not here, I called and was asked to please hold, hung up on, and now I try to call back and the number isn't working and says "your long distance service has been disabled".
  • lillb****** posted at 10/20/2021
    Are u open for dine in
  • tara***** posted at 9/18/2021
    My honey chicken is way overcooked and stringy. Also the 2 orders of crab ragoons we ordered are not fresh. I frequently order from here but after tonight I will order from a different restaurant
  • kilt***** posted at 8/12/2021
    No mushrooms in lo mein
  • debi_***** posted at 5/2/2021
    This place is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They scammed me out of  63.00 won’t give me my order or refund my money!!
    Beware of this place I will not ever order from them again!
  • richardmo********* posted at 2/25/2021
    I had my order ready and was starting to pay.I know you have costs and it was only for me . cancelled the order. Fees were 40% of the cost. I guess i'll wait until I have several to make it economically feasable.Good day.
  • bpri**** posted at 1/14/2021
    I just picked up my lunch order and I am delighted with my food and service. The hot and sour soup is the best I have had in years. Glad they are close, I will be back.