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  • em** posted at 2/24/2024
    I'm local and can visit your business to submit a bid for your janitorial and cleaning needs. Let’s work together and figure out the most appropriate solution for your office cleaning that knocks your expectations out of the park.
    We are beyond grateful to be connected to this wonderful community and we are excited to give our best to the many great businesses here locally.
    Can I provide you with a personalized professional cleaning quote?
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  • pazzio****** posted at 7/17/2023
    Please list hours on here
  • willia****** posted at 3/15/2023
    China Spring has fresh and delicious Authentic Chinese food. From the soups to the combination platters, I have always been pleased with the quality and quantity of each dish and the excellent customer service.
  • bark***** posted at 1/20/2023
    Your food has got 10 times better. Just thought I would share that.
  • agab**** posted at 1/17/2023
    Hey. This is random. But I'd this place still ran by two sisters, Lisa and Fanny(I'm sorry I never knew how you spelled that..). I actually drove delivery for you guys in like 2003. I'm glad to see you're still doing well. 
    PS: I miss your general tso's so bad ??
  • zlasca****** posted at 11/1/2022
    Bring $10 change
  • ruthcor******** posted at 6/1/2022
    If you have tartar sauce please add.
  • tb61**** posted at 5/21/2022
    Cash tip
  • mrsrhon******** posted at 5/11/2022
    I've been ordering from China Spring for something like six years.  I've always had a WONDERFUL experience with the service, the food, the delivery, and the price is reasonable.  There are about four or five Chinese restaurants that are closer (not counting Panda), but I go there because they always meet my expectations.  Thank you China Spring for being a consistent go-to.  :)
  • kenneth******* posted at 4/14/2022
    This is the last time I order food from China Spring!! At an hour after ordering, I called the restaurant and they didn't know if I had an order or not. She kept saying "I'll have my manager call you back. I told her numerous times to cancel my order. She didn't get it!! I'll never order anything from China Spring again!!
  • roy*** posted at 4/6/2022
    If i'm ever in Tenessee I'll drop in.
  • roy*** posted at 4/6/2022
    Food looks Dilicious are yu comin to Canada anytime soon
  • cher***** posted at 2/13/2022
    Everything was so fresh and delicious
  • marable******* posted at 1/19/2022
    M169 not 168
  • nicolemb********* posted at 11/6/2021
    Placed an order at 6:10pm and still not here, I called and was asked to please hold, hung up on, and now I try to call back and the number isn't working and says "your long distance service has been disabled".
  • lillb****** posted at 10/20/2021
    Are u open for dine in
  • tara***** posted at 9/18/2021
    My honey chicken is way overcooked and stringy. Also the 2 orders of crab ragoons we ordered are not fresh. I frequently order from here but after tonight I will order from a different restaurant
  • kilt***** posted at 8/12/2021
    No mushrooms in lo mein
  • debi_***** posted at 5/2/2021
    This place is a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They scammed me out of  63.00 won’t give me my order or refund my money!!
    Beware of this place I will not ever order from them again!
  • richardmo********* posted at 2/25/2021
    I had my order ready and was starting to pay.I know you have costs and it was only for me . cancelled the order. Fees were 40% of the cost. I guess i'll wait until I have several to make it economically feasable.Good day.